Thursday, 31 May 2012

shabby chic stools
     Two stools I picked up from a boot sale, lovingly painted and sanded down.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Vintage 50s aluminium teak handled coffee pot
Another visit to a car boot sale brought me to purchase this 1950s aluminium and teak handled coffee pot, spotlessly clean inside and not a scratch on it. The clock is a 70s rare Five Rams alarm clock, made in China, It works a treat too. There's a Czech vase to the left and I picked up the two handled red handbag for a bargain in a charity shop.
Vintage travel ashtray
These three items I got from the same guy selling his late Grans things. The purse is a rare 1950s Oroton (Australian) purse with a Ivory white mesh which feels lovely. Apparently she was a heavy smoker, so the 40s/60s brass portable ashtray certainly needed cleaning! Also the original Polaris 50s Glasses case is in surprisingly mint condition.
These are some of my collections. The stunning centre piece is a 1930s Czechoslovakian glass vase (had to check the dictionary for spelling!) and is very heavy and one of my favourite pieces. The two charming pictures are French and they're so cute! I found all of these items at the local car boot sale and were an absolute bargain!
This was my late Grandma Cybel when she came to visit us in Canada in the 70s. She was a bit of a nutter like my Mom but a very hard working woman. I named my site after her.