Friday, 20 July 2012

OK, my lovely neighbour just happened to have this Stunning Blue Velvet 60s dress, which she was going to flog on ebay, or cut up and use the material for a craft project! Quite a lot of emotions ran through me at that time, Aggression - first I swore at her, Shock - the shock on my face said it all,  and  Nervousness - when you start blabbering on and repeating yourself when your still in the shock mode! I'm a size 10 and it fits me from the waist down but will need someone with a smaller bust for it to fit properly. (after apologising for my bad language, which isn't very lady like) I said I would look into it in more detail and possibly find someone who would know more about it and sell it for her. If anyone is interested please let me know :))   SOLD

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